Gorgeous designed glassware and ceramics for parties from The Little Big Company. Designer made, mason jars, ceramic bottle, compote bowl, glasswares, and bottles, from mini bottle / small bottle to large bottle of all shapes and sizes. Also barware including champagne glass, tumblers, wine glass, and bottles from all over Australia. Cloche domes and party cakestands also available.

Mission Deco Bottle Clear Copper Finish 7 x 20cm
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Napoleon Glass Bottle with Gold metal Trim
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Antique French Apothecary Jar

Antique French Apothecary Jar

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Plastic Test tubes with Aluminium cap
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Belle Ball Candy Jar
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Glass Parisian Footed Cake Stand
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Set of Three Davis and Waddell Glass Jars
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Slim Chantilly Candy Jar - 34cm x 16cm
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Wide Chantilly Candy Jar  - 37cm x 20cm
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Mini Glass Milk drinking Bottle
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Half Pint Milk or Soda Bottle
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